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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Research Visibility



Knowledge is the bedrock of humanity. Socrates ones said “I think, therefore I am”. Thus, his existence was dependent on his ability to think. Thinking has always moved with information. People think based on available information or knowledge. It is a widely known fact that many people have perished because they lacked knowledge. Many human fields have endeavor to pursue creation and advancement of knowledge to make the world a good place to live.

One area that these followers of research have taken for granted is making their knowledge known to the targeted audience. Journals have played very good role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the community. The problem however is the number of people who read these journals.

Fortunately for researchers in this generation, the advent of social media can be a good tool to send the results of their scientific output to the targeted group. Even though many social media exist for researchers to exploit in order to increase the readership of their papers, evidence show that only few have made use of these useful tools.

It is a high time researchers realized the potential benefits these tools bring to them. Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Index, ORCID among others are the tools that researchers can use.

Librarians have a major role to partner researchers in this endeavor.