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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Treasure hunt

Answer the questions below. This forms part of your assessment for this course.
Clue: Answer question one in order to answer the rest
Answer these questions on sheets of papers with your index numbers. Submission date: 21/02/2017

1.      There is a building in Pretoria that used to be known as “Oom Jochemus’s Place”. Who was the architect?
2.      This architect designed another building: a cottage for the curator of which park?
3.      Who was this park named after?
4.      This person introduced the first coins in South Africa. When the coins were minted, the die broke and this gave rise to two varieties of coins. What were they named?
5.      The feature referred to above, is also the part of the name of a type of lizard. What is the genus name of these lizards?
6.       These lizards originate from which country?
7.      Who is this country’s largest export partner?
8.      What is the official local (long form) name of the country named in question 7?
9.      The colours of this country’s flag are red and?
10.  A rockband, formed in the 1960 in Liverpool, England, had a hit song with this word (from question 9) in the title. What was the song called?
11.  Several movies have been made about the object mentioned in the answer to question 10. One of these were made in 1990, with Sean Connery in the lead role. Who played the role of Admiral Greer in this movie?
12.  The year in which this actor was born is also the year in which luxury brand of car was founded in Stuttgart in Germany?
13.  The specific model of this car that has been manufactured since 1963 is also an emergency number in the United States. Who made the first call on this number?
14.  An airport was named after this person. What is the address of this airport?
15.  Use the zip code in the address above. How many Ghana Cedis would you have gotten for this amount of dollars on 14 February 2017.